The Winter House: FEBRUARY

The snow came on unexpectedly, falling so heavily that it blocked the roads in and out of Farlas and caused much distemper amongst those merchants who had planned visits to the other villages.

Amongst them had been Porthos, eager to return to the comforts of his s’Hertogenbosch inn and decidedly disgruntled that he was forced to spend several days in the freezing cold with a shovel fighting a losing battle against the elements.

Tobit, choosing to fly on ahead and inform the villages of the snowfall in Farlas, left shortly after Porthos began his battle.

Loud Ghost and the Howling Pope, having nothing better to do decided to relax and enjoy the February festivities.

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‘My name is Flavius Furius Aquila, first born of Vibius Furius Aquila and lately of Camulodunum in Britain.

I have served for several score years in honour and valour with the Legio II Augusta, that most noble company of men who, under the command of the young Vespasian helped bring order to the shores of Britain some 285 years previously.

This epistle, scratched hastily on a sodden scrap of parchment, is to comprise my final words…’

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